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Mérida, Yucatán

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We are a community of financial professionals with technical and analytical skills who enjoy being surrounded by inspiring individuals. We collaborate to find solutions and push each other towards mutual professional and personal growth. We are committed to continuous learning and strive to share goals with our clients, always keeping in mind that their goals are our goals. Our work extends far beyond finance as we transform possibilities into realities and tackle tough questions with ambitious answers.

we create value

As a firm, we strongly believe in collaboration as an idea enhancer. Not only do we commit to it as a concept, but we also organize ourselves around it. Share your experiences, and together, we’ll create greater solutions.

Disruption &
innovation first

We prioritize the best ideas and swiftly capitalize on opportunities. In finance, everyone knows the math, but we thrive on disruptive approaches to it. We are forward-thinking innovators.


As Inquire-rs we develop and apply strategic skills to scale businesses and achieve extraordinary outcomes through our expertise.

Technical Skills

Proficient in financial analysis, accounting principles, and data analysis. Expertise in processing large data volumes and automation.

Business Savviness

Expertise in understanding business operations, market dynamics, and industry-specific nuances. Skilled in seeing through the lens of sector-specific operations.

Problem Solving

Utilize analytical methodologies to comprehend complex issues and develop tangible, strategic, actionable solutions, while also conducting risk assessment to ensure their viability.

Professional Projection

Profound expertise in communication, data visualization, storytelling, collaboration, and leadership. Integral in crafting solutions through finance.


Valeria Durán

Master in Fashion, Design and Luxury Management at Grenoble École de Management and Junior Business Analyst and Merchandising Women’s RTW at Christian Dior Couture.

Working at Inquire BC was an incredible experience; it shaped me both professionally and personally. Every day at work was amazing because the people there are inspiring. I wouldn’t be who I am or where I am today if it weren’t for them.

María José Nuñez

Master in Management and Sustainable Development at HEC Montréal, Social and Environmental Impact Analysis Intern at Rhizome Strategic, VP Marketing at Femmes en Affaire (NGO).

During my time at Inquire BC, I had the opportunity to work with outstanding companies and collaborate with admirable people. It helped me discover my passion for consulting as a career. I learned to prioritize people and look beyond the organization. It provided an opportunity to rapidly expand my business knowledge, as every day presented new challenges and fostered my professional growth in the perfect ecosystem.


We've crafted a career path that offers diverse responsibilities to help shape your professional future.
From Student to Partner.

From Student to Partner

  • Trainee

    Uncover the reality of strategic finance and the daily challenges businesses encounter. Learn from inspiring individuals.

  • Analyst

    Analyze vast financial and operational data to uncover profound insights. Conduct financial forecasts and produce reports for business boards and C-Suite executives.

  • Consultant

    Aid clients in designing value-creation plans while overseeing a team of skilled problem solvers.

  • Partner

    oin us in expanding this remarkable community of financial experts, and together, let's shape the organizations of tomorrow.

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We collaborate with our clients to deliver impactful strategies built upon deep financial insights."