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Finance & Strategy

Strategic Finance is at the core of what we do everyday. We’ve designed services that support your organization in it’s growth path. We fuel your strategies with our expertise, accelerating financial returns.

RevOps Analysis

Single Project

We offer industry-leading Revenue Operations (RevOps) Analysis Consulting Services, empowering businesses to unlock the full potential of your sales data and fuel revenue growth. Our team of data analysts and business strategists specialize in comprehensive data analysis, providing actionable insights and strategies tailored to your organization’s unique needs.

Revenue Source IdentificationWe delve deep into your sales data to identify the primary revenue drivers for your business. By understanding the channels, markets, and customer segments that contribute the most to your revenue, we help you optimize resource allocation and focus your efforts where they yield the highest returns.
Revenue Growth & ROI AnalysisWe thoroughly analyze the factors influencing revenue growth, by understanding the impact of each growth driver, we help you identify the most influential factors and leverage them to drive sustained revenue growth. This comprehensive analysis enables you to make data-backed decisions to optimize pricing strategies, product offerings, and operational processes for maximum revenue impact and the return on investment (ROI) of your current strategies and actions, enabling you to make smarter decisions and optimize your business processes effectively.
Revenue Growth Strategy DevelopmentOur collaboration with your team goes beyond data interpretation. We work closely with you to develop customized revenue growth strategies aligned with your business goals. From refining pricing models to optimizing product portfolios and identifying cross-selling and upselling opportunities, we provide actionable recommendations that drive sustainable revenue growth.

Financial & Strategy Council: CODEFI


Service through which we build functions, follow up, and support in financial and planning analysis. We are external CFO’s that bring to you deep-strategic insights to help your business grow to next level.

Financial Analysis & ForecastingOur financial intelligence experts will perform a strategic financial analysis and forecast to stay ahead of possible changing scenarios.
Digital ExpertiseWe leverage our digital tools to explore and discover insight in to extensive operative & financial datasets.
Strategy and Decision-MakingWe support you with our strategic finance perspective, finding the right growth paths for your company.

Investment Project Analysis

Single Project

The objective is to evaluate the qualitative factors of the project and delimit the operative plans for the execution. We help you understand the financial model, the possible scenarios, and determine the viability and existent risks in carring it out.

Go-To-Market StrategyWe evaluate the strategy behind the investment project, research market trends and context, and review execution plans.
Financial Modeling and Scenario AnalysisWe build financial models to visualize the outcomes of a set of scenarios, analyzing both drivers and results.
Viability and Risk AssessmentWe evaluate results and study the risks associated with each scenario and how we can stay ahead of them.

Financial Efficiency Consulting

Single Project

Reorganize and structure the creation of strategic and financial information to be able to have a clear vision of the organization’s position. Identify critical points and develop a plan to accelerate growth and development in those areas.

Deep DiveWe dive deep to better understand the business operations, define the financial process required for a clear vision of the financials, prioritizing strategic analysis.
Single source of financial truthWe help you manage your tech stack and financial data in order to examine the company’s financial truth in a single source.
Analyze the reality of the financialExtensive analysis of the actual state of the company’s financial position, defining critical points and providing optimization proposals.

Strategic Budgeting

Single Project

Build a budget based on strategy, focusing in the long-term growth of the company. Structure the budget from a collaborative and integral vision of the transactions. Focus on the key opportunities for growth, and build financial models that reflect the business and market dynamic. Deliver achievable KPI’s and organization-wide goals.

Long-term StrategyWe support your executive team in building a long term vision strategy for profitable growth.
Execution PlanWe focus on underlining the financial drivers needed to fuel your execution plan and achieve the goals set.
Financial Modeling and BudgetingWe build the financial model and forecasted results, generating datasets to analyze during operations throughout the year.

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